Palate Smart Grill
Now it’s simple to cook perfect food, every time.
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Easily cook restaurant quality food
Our technology lets you achieve mind-blowingly perfect results every time with a two-step cooking process that means you can’t overcook or undercook your food. The technique is used in the finest restaurants and in sous vide; and now, we’ve perfected it for the home chef in an approachable, precision-temperature electric grill.  We’ve made design decisions at every step to give the home chef better quality food, such as making it safe to reach and hold extremely high temperatures for great searing and char.
Start cooking with one touch
We’ve made it simple to perform basic tasks so that you can use the Palate Smart Grill every day. Just one minute for setup, and one minute when you’re ready to eat. Powerful software and advanced sensors automatically adjust the cooking profile to give optimum results for your exact food. You can even perform basic tasks, such as frying an egg, without using your iPad and by making a one-touch adjustment of the Palate Grill temperature dial. It does everything your existing grill does, and much more.
Eat when you’re ready
Guests are an hour late? Forgot to the buy the wine? No problem. We designed the Palate Grill from the ground up to fit into our hectic lives. The Palate Smart Grill cooks food exactly as you requested, and then holds it until you’re ready to eat. There’s no annoying beeping or rush to remove the food immediately. Need more time to finish a complex side dish or just want to play with your kids longer? Go ahead. Your food will remain perfect. Once you try this way of cooking, there is no going back.
What can I cook on the grill?
Precision cooking lets you cook a wide variety of meats and vegetables. Steaks are always cooked throughout to the doneness you want. Chicken breasts are juicy and moist, as are hamburgers. Salmon melts in your mouth like butter. Onions can be cooked many ways, as can eggplant and mushrooms and all kinds of vegetables. It is also possible to use the Palate Grill like a traditional grill in order to fry an egg or make a panini (without using an iPad).
How is this different than sous vide?
The Palate Smart Grill can complete the entire precision cooking process in one device, which means better results in less counter space and with less clean-up. Water can’t reach the high temperatures required to brown food. We eliminated the water bath and designed the Palate Grill to reach and hold extremely high temperatures for restaurant-quality sear and char, and the side benefit is less plastic waste. It’s also faster to heat a grill than a giant pot of water.
What is precision temperature cooking?
It is a process that first brings the entire food to the precise level of desired doneness, with an optional high-temperature sear on one or both sides if browning is desired. Unlike traditional cooking, with this process, food cannot overcook or undercook, and meat is extremely juicy and vegetables are crispy not mushy. Because the temperature settings on the Palate Grill are so precise, it can also perform other tasks with ease such as browning onions without burning them, even if the chef turns away to focus on other things.
Why can’t I do this on my existing electric grill or frying pan?
We designed the Palate Smart Grill from the ground up for precision cooking and to deliver results similar to those achieved at high-end restaurants. Existing appliances are not accurate enough to match the precision-temperature capability of the Palate Grill. Instead, they usually fluctuate by over two hundred degrees when just a few degrees makes the difference between medium and medium rare; you can test this with an infrared thermometer. The best chefs have specialized tools for precision cooking, like combi ovens which cost tens of thousands of dollars and require a dedicated water line. We’ve optimized this precision-cooking technique for the home chef in an electric grill.